On 10 Feb, 2009, China Sea Group successfully held the 12th General Assembly of T.O.P.S
T.O.P.S,Transport Oriented Professional Services,General Assembly 2009 sponsored by the China Sea Group was proceeded in the Far East Plaza Hotel in Taipei for successive three days. China Sea Group was invited to sponsor the Assembly, and 33 members across the world to attend the Assembly, where Jozef Muyshondnt, President of T.O.P.S presided and made a speech, in which he said under the global economic crisis, that all members should overcome the difficulties hand in hand based on the circumstances and he hoped to take such opportunity, under the theme of inter-member cooperation among T.O.P.S, to explore the transportation cooperation and measures under such an economic depression, so as to maintain and develop the business partnership between members.
As founded in 1997, T.O.P.S (Transport Oriented Professional Services) was constituted by independent medium sized professional sea and air logistics companies in all nations across the world. At present, it has near 50 members, more than 70% of which have more than 12 years’ for being the membership. Companies joining T.O.P.S have no need to establish branches in other countries, for that as long as every member connects and supports with each other, the elasticity of price and cargo trace can be grasped and the service quality can be also enhanced, therefore, the operation is T.O.P.S is rather flourished.
The success of this Assembly by China Sea Group, which not only promotes the role of Taiwan’s logistics in the global logistics circle, but also expands a new perspective for Taiwan’s transportation logistics. In addition, this Assembly also provides an opportunity for professional logistics suppliers across the world to share their valuable experiences and observations on the trends, which can help to increase the professional levels of logistics service.