On 24 Feb, 2010,China Sea Group was invited to attend the 13th General Assembly of T.O.P.S
T.O.P.S,Transport Oriented Professional Services,General Assembly 2010 was held in Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok this year. China Sea Group was once again invited as a founding member. As accordingly as before, in this Assembly, the Group was led by the President, accompanied by management of General Management Department and mangers of branches to join the Assembly with member representatives all around the world for a four-day itinerary.
Apart from attendance in opening ceremony of the General Assembly, the Group also made talks and conversations with representatives of members from each country to review their cooperation in the past year and consult for development plans for the next year. Multilateral two-way cooperation agreements signed with representatives of members will make contribution to the exploration of overall logistics transportation service in 2010 and promotion of services.
This General Assemble arranges the Group by means of workshops to introduce the second generation order management and cargo tracing system co-developed by the Group and the large-sized purchase clients in Europe, which will significantly enhance the efficiency and transparency of each link in logistics ranging from the make of purchase orders, control of factory goods, time control of logistics delivery, customs clearance, transportation, warehousing at destination, etc, in order to assist the clients in proceeding order and inventory management at any time. Thus they won great acclaim from the present members and clients.