• About China Sea Group

    With the development since the establishment of China Express Forwarders Co., Ltd. in Taipei in 1992, China Sea now has become a medium size logistics group in the China’s mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as in the perspective the whole world with a total 14 branches across the Far East and European areas and over 350 talents with professional quality of international logistics. From the very beginning, we always work conscientiously to provide professional service for our clients at home and abroad.

    Each company under China Sea Group was established adhering to a service idea of “customer-orientation”. Apart from the worldwide customer service provided by Headquarters in Taipei and branch in Hong Kong, we lead the industry to set up branch in Shanghai in 1994 for the need of the client’s increasing trades in China area, and later, we created branches in Singapore and Kaohsiung in succession, which provides more choices for cargo transshipment between Southeast Asia and the Taiwan Straits. In addition, in 1997, we set up the first Chinese-invested international logistics enterprise completely in a European style operation in Le Havre, an emerging automatic port in France, to provide full global logistics service for French businessmen.

    Since 1999, besides continuing to expand operation sites in Taichung and Hsinchu, Taiwan, with the development of a more open trading in China’s mainland, the China Sea Group successively set up branches in South China area (like Shenzhen, Xiamen, Guangzhou) and Middle and North China areas (like Ningbo, Qingdao and Tianjin) with a hope to provide the most convenient and professional global logistics service for nearer clients so as to practice the Group’s perspective of “Based on Taiwan; Aspiration for China; and Ambition for the World.”

    1992 / Taipei.Taiwan Headquarters of China Sea Group
    1992 / Taipei.Taiwan China Express Forwarders Co.,Ltd.
      China Mast Forwarders Co.,Ltd.
    1993 / Hong Kong.China China Express Agency (HK) Co.,Ltd.
    1994 / Shanghai.China China Sea Marine Co.,Ltd.
    1996 / Singapore China Sea Shipping PTE Ltd.
    1996 / Kaohsiung.Taiwan China Sea Forwarders Co.,Ltd.
    1997 / Le Havre China Sea Marine France S.A.
    1999 / Taichung.Taiwan China Mast Forwarders Co.,Ltd.公司
    1999 / Shenzhen.China China Sea Marine Co.Ltd.-Shenzhen Branch
    2002 / Hsinchu.Taiwan China Mast Forwarders Co.,Ltd-Hsinchu Branch
    2004 / Ningbo,China China Sea Marine Co.Ltd.-Ningbo Branch
    2004 / Xiamen.China China Sea Marine Co.Ltd.-Xiamen Branch
    2004 / Guanzhou.China China Sea Marine Co.Ltd.-Guangzhou Branch
    2005 / Qingdao.China China Sea Marine Co.Ltd.-Gingdao Branch
    2007 / Tianjin.China China Sea Marine Co.Ltd.-Tianjin Branch
    Our mission
    A leading brand in LCL (Less than Container Load) market, providing most competitive discount.
    Good at managing the layouts of China’s mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, mastering uniformity of the efficiency of quality of professional service.
    Constituting an intensive global agent network, supporting an overall door-to-door service for our clients
    Introducing high-efficient information system, assisting client to grasp the latest tracing on the cargo.
    Management team in General Management Department
    The General Management Department of the Group was founded in 1992 in Taipei capable to provide fastest and most professional management and help for the Group’s 14 branches.
    Provide the most timely and professional management and assistance.

    Mr. Jack Niu


    Vice President
    Ms. Wendy Chen


    General Manager
    Ms. Tracy Jiang


    Senior Vice General Manager
    Mr. Robert Liu


    Vice General Manager
    Mr.William Niu


    Vice General Manager
    Ms. Violet Zhu


    China Sea Goup
    Management Team
    China Sea Group--Taipei
    China Sea Goup--Shanghai
    China Sea Goup--Shenzhen
    China Sea Goup--Le Havre