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    Founded in 1997, France Branch is located in Le Havre, the most important modern major port in France, which is another successful layout of China Sea Group on the way to expand overseas service. As the first Chinese-invested international logistics enterprise with entire European management mode applied, the purpose of setting up France Branch is to offer complete and professional logistics service covering all links from the place of shipping cargoes to one of receiving cargoes. As of now, it has gained great reputation and public praise in the local market, and become a leader in the export and import service of professional LCL in France.

    Main Ports and Regions within Service Scope

    Located in Le Havre Port, France Branch is a modern commercial port rebuilt after the war. Compared with other ports in Europe, it’s featured with its highly automation and consummate railway and highway transport system which can extend to many major cities and even nearby western European countries. Taking Le Havre as center, France Branch extends its service to places of all direction and offers clients in Europe instant logistics services.
    Introduction of Advantageous Service
    As a crucial overseas base of China Sea Group, France Branch not only plays a leading role in expanding its service of dual-direction LCL between the Far East and France, but also provides global logistics service for French import purchasers. It is not only expert in door-to-door delivery, but also can provide clients with highly instant cargo trace information, which is the reason for the fame of “Optimal Transportation Team for French Purchasers”.
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    Wall Street Building, 16 rue Pierre Brossolette, 76600 Le Havre, France

    TEL: 33-235-196830(13 LINES)

    FAX: 33-235-196831

    Vice President
    Ms. Corinne de France


    Sales Manager
    Mr. Maxens LOFONG



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