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    Through close cooperation with professional logistics partners in all nations across the five continents in the world for more than 10 years, the Group has built a global logistics service network, providing transportation connection among all main ports, airports and cities, and our door-to-door service has reached to certain specific areas, forming closely-connected logistics links without delay. Besides that, we also assist clients in expanding trades and seeking for business opportunities by various means of transportation, we have the ability to deliver the cargo perfectly to the consignees.

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    Sea transportation service

    Our Group possesses an outstanding all-around shipping service and provides various modes of ocean transportation for its clients. We not only sign freight agreements with large size shipping companies around the world and grasp the most advantageous freight structure, but also dedicate in the promotion of combined cost effect of its advanced “single point combined to port”, therefore, we try our best to provide most economic delivery schedule with best transporting time and channels for our clients for either LCL or FCL (Full Container Load).

    .FCL / FCL

    .LCL / LCL

    .Buyer’s consolidation

    Sea transportation service

    Through intensive cargo air transportation network, our Group can also provide air transportation service with timeliness and elasticity, which has significant competiveness on price as well as offers coordinated fast services integrating picking-up of cargos, customs clearance distribution and send-to-door, where the effect of air transportation service as well as the satisfaction of both clients and consignees will be enhanced.

    .We provide both cargo aircraft and passenger plane services



    Logistics and storage services

    Our Group will provide various value-added services covering logistics and relevant sectors where we will connect shipping service with air transportation service fully and provide one-stop service. In addition, clients can select their required flexible services, where our Group may play a role as logistics platform between clients and consignees.

    .Inland picking-up cargos and distribution

    .Door-to-door delivery

    .Picking up, delivering, and loading off of containers

    .Container loading service

    .Declaration service

    .Storage service

    .Cargo sorting/selection service

    .Labeling/packing service

    .Preparation work for orders

    Special service

    The China Sea Group can also provide shipping service meeting special demands according to specific industrial characters or trading behaviors. Our Group can also offer clients-oriented shipping schedules to meet their demands and help them to solve difficulties in logistics in various industries, including clothing, heavy equipment, items for exhibition, large bulk cargoes, imported foods, etc. Among these, we provide the advanced “reefer/refrigerated LCL service”, a flexible and economic shipping schedule specialized for foods imported from Europe with characters of small quantities but diversified kinds.


    Beside, for common triangle trades among China’s Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, our Group has the ability to provide nearer document service as well as both security and convenience for suppliers and traders.


    .Containers capable to hang clothes

    .Special containers for super long/ wide/high/weight cargos

    .Transportation for exhibits

    .Break Bulk Cargo

    .Frozen/refrigerated LCL service

    .Triangle trade

    Project integration service

    Relying on the long-time accumulated experiences in client service, our Group can provide logistics integration service for all sorts of projects, especially for large-sized retailers engaged in global purchase or international merchants with demand for distribution around the world, where our Group will provide a wide range of service from the inquiry and giving advices, schedule planning, system procedures set-up at the early stage to cargo tracing, order management and provision of documents at the late stage, so as to effectively enhance logistics effect and lower operation costs for clients.

    Our Group conducts a close cooperation with Transport Oriented Professional Services (T.O.P.S), with which we established more than 60 global service sites across over 40 countries worldwide, providing a more diversified and integrated global logistics solutions. Welcome you to visit the website of T.O.P.S as well for more details on the services provided by both China Sea Group and T.O.P.S for you:www.tops-logistics.com

    .Logistics inquiry service

    .Global logistics solutions

    .Customized design cargo tracing system