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    Founded in 2007, Tianjin Branch demonstrates the power and ambition of China Sea Group for exploring more widespread service scope in North China. Since its foundation, it has rapidly obtained plenty of support and acceptance of clients from China’s mainland, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong as well as foreign countries, which lays a new milestone for China Sea Group on the way to the establishment of China mainland’s service network. Tianjin Branch will still adhere to the concept and service principle of China Sea Group and continue to make more contributions for more clients in China North.

    Main Ports and Regions within Service Scope

    Tianjin Branch is mainly responsible for the Tianjin Xingang Port and Dalian Port which cover a vast area including Beijing and Shenyang. Tianjin Xingang Port is located in the core area for the economic development of Beijing and Tianjin and is a core port for the export of products belonging to heavy industry. The port can also extend its service to the inland to become an entrepot for ocean shipping and railway shipping linking Mongolia with Central Asia .


    Introduction of Advantageous Service
    Tianjin Branch not only gradually develops the carriage service of professional LCL and FCL without ships which China Sea Group is expert in, but also emphasizes on the logistics service the export and import trade as for clients in Beijing; besides, since a large number of Word’s Top 500 enterprises enter Tianjin High-tech Development Zone, Tianjin Branch also provides them with perfect international logistics solutions.
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    Rm 1717-1719, Centre Plaza, No. 188, Jie-Fang North Road, Tianjin, P.R.C.
    ZIP: 300042

    TEL: 86-22-58298288

    FAX: 86-22-58298299

    Ms. Vivi Liu
    86-22-58298288 EXT.8200


    Ms.Kathy Zhao
    86-22-58298288 EXT.8208



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