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    The Hong Kong Branch was established in 1993, immediately after the establishment of the China Sea Group in Taipei, which is the first important sub-station outside Taiwan and is a historical important gateway opening the Great China economic market, providing valuable experiences and professional information of client service for various branches in South China, Central China and North China. At present, Hong Kong Branch will continue to make use of the special pivot status to connect various branches and provide excellent logistics service for various types of clients in the port and all over the world.

    Main Ports and Regions within Service Scope

    The Branch is located in Hong Kong, which is always a gathering place of trades from the west and the east. Also because of its special geographical position and historical background, the Port has played an important role in re-export trade in the world. Hong Kong is still the place for many important trades at present. Various world-class exhibitions have become key tasks of international buyers and exhibitors. There are also many purchasing and business centers set up here where triangle trade is very active; The Branch can make full use of vast service scope of China Sea Group in China’s mainland, providing clients with various types of import and export transportation and logistics services.


    Introduction of Advantageous Service
    The Branch is specially engaged in LCL service for shipping lines of Europe, the Mediterranean Sea area, South Africa, China’s mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, providing stable and economic transportation program; especially to some destination ports that are seldom served by other companies, the Branch provides transshipment service concentrating cargo sources in Great China area and can stabilize the service of “single point combined to port”, reducing the expensive transportation cost and time cost, providing complete service quality and real-time goods condition and exerting the competitive advantage of Hong Kong as trading transit port.
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    Unit E, 12/F , YHC Tower, No.1 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon ,Hong Kong.
    TEL: 852-25033261(12 LINES)

    FAX: 852-25033271

    Vice General Manager
    Ms. Violet Zhu
    852-25033261 EXT.266


    Ms. Carol Yum
    852-25033261 EXT.219


    Ms. Lina Lam
    852-25033261 EXT.212


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