• Outstanding Glory
    From 1992 to 2004, the total amount of containers processed by China Sea Group has reached up to 50,000 TEUS per year, while in 2006, it reached 70,000 TEUS, a new record. It’s favorably expected to amount to a total annual container amount of 100,000 TEUS in 2011.
    Client Base
    The client base of China Sea Group includes well-known enterprises from China mainland, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. Besides, China Sea Group, by means of extensive global agent network, provides global well-known brands with global logistics services. China Sea Group is sincerely inviting you to be our clients!
    Ranked top 20 in the industry
    transportation supporting service
    in Taiwan according to TOP 5000
    Ranked 605 among 1000 Enterprises in Taiwan
    according to Business Weekly
    Awarded as Optimal Supportive
    Logistics Manufacturers by SIPLEC, an European giant purchaser
    Successfully hosting T.O.P.S Global Annual Meeting of International Professional Logistics Alliance
    T.O.P.S,Transport Oriented Professional Services,General Assembly
    Awarded as the member certification of T.O.P.S of International Professional Logistics Alliance
    T.O.P.S Member Certificate
    Appraisement and Public Praise
    Through all kinds of appraisals of our clients as follows, you will perceive efforts and sincerity of China Sea Group for clients.
    『Strong competence in problems settlement, timely information feedback and keen willingness to help clients to find out the most suitable plan to settle special cases』
    ------Beauty □□ Ltd. / Alice

    『s our company is engaged in DDP SVC, we have many businesses to entrust foreign agents to provide supports. Now we entrust China Sea Group which succeed in eliminating problems relevant to contacts and cargo delivery. Therefore we feel relief to hand over cargoes to China Sea Group』

    ------Mitsumoto Trading Co., Ltd./Mrs. Lin from the Public Relations Department

    『From sea transportation to air transportation, from specifying cargoes to pre-delivering cargoes, we have a fairly good cooperation with Tianjin Branch, China Sea Group which provides superior logistics services and saves us a lot of troubles. We really appreciate their help and support.』

    ------Tianjin Aiwei Tour Goods Co., Ltd./Mr. Wang as the superintendent of Business Department

    『Passionate attitude towards clients, preferential and fair price and superior services in respect of sea transportation and air transportation; timely information feedback during cargo transportation and rapid communication with foreign agents.』

    ------Ranger Outback East Ltd./ Emma

    『Compared with others, China Sea Group is our longest copartner. We do feel its elaborate service and think of all of its staff as highly responsible. We feel very relief to hand over cargoes to China Sea Group. 』

    ------Jiangsu Yuexing Group Ltd./Mrs. Feng as Logistics Superintendent

    『Over one year’s cooperation, we feel that the services provided by China Sea Group are rather considerate. The names of our products are special, but they will always confirm every detail again and again and in case of any problem, they will always eliminate it at once. Its services are really nice! 』

    ------Taiwan Nanotechnology Corporation/Mrs. Lin from Foreign Shipping Department

    『Its agent business in Europe is quite complete and it also sets up a branch in France, so there are nearly not problems in the transshipment in inland regions. Besides that, their service quality in respect of transshipment in local place is also superior.』

    ------Qianda Industrial Co., Ltd./Mrs. Chen from Business Department

    『Swift business processing rate, high creditability of business content, timely contact and written inform in case of problems as well as the effort to eliminate problems to its ability. We really appreciate helps and supports provided by China Sea Group for clients.』

    ------Qingdao Yongpu Industry Co., Ltd./General Manager: Jin

    『Business personnel are all active and conscientious, and offer quotation rapidly and satisfy demands. Once we came across cases which incurred disputes of cargoes shut-out, they are never tied of seriously explaining all proceedings which let us trust and feel relief their specialty. In addition, its service team in charge of logistics support is conscientious and careful, as well. All of these make us believe that China Sea Group is the unique choice. 』

    ------Zhiyu Co., Ltd. / Mrs. Li from Shipping Department

    『Considerate service, the willingness to rapidly give answers for all questions; reasonable and competitive price offered, good and nice service altitude of office assistants which in absence of business personnel can indeed assist business personnel in processing some business. 』

     ------Guanxin Trading Co., Ltd. / Mrs. Huang as International Business Assistant

    『As imported raw material of our company are all overweight container, business personnel indeed help a lot in shipping space and price. And they process these swiftly with a kind attitude. So as long as our company has imported cargoes for transportation, we are certain to choose China Sea Group!』

    ------Beijing Grandao Technology Co., Ltd. / Mrs. Chen from Business Department

    『The prices are quite reasonable and services offered by China Sea Group are of high quality. And it provides a fairly detailed information for us on ETC, ETD and ETA and rapid response to questions proposed by us. 』

    --------Joway Machinery Co., Ltd. / Mrs. Huang from Business Department

    『The service of European Destinations provided by China Sea Group is quite good. Besides they arrange fixed service of opening containers and provide favorable subsequent services. So we feel really relief when handing over cargoes from the inland of Europe. Their business personnel are also nice and will eliminate troubles if any at once. 』

    ------Mars Valve Co., Ltd. / Mrs. Wu from Shipping Department

    『Based on several years’ cooperation with China Sea Group, we have reached secret agreement. China Sea Group makes all of its efforts to satisfy our demand. And in respect of freight, they often offer really competitive price. Besides, their efforts, sincerity and highly responsible attitude on business make us feel relief to hand over cargoes to them. 』

    ------Packway Inc. / Mrs. Zhuo from Shipping Department

    『On the first cooperation with China Sea Group, our company just wanted to have a try. Afterwards, when we came to yourr company, we found you are totally different from many other cargo agents. Apparently, you are more professional and formal. We think that we can feel at ease to hand over cargoes to you. Your business personnel are quite responsible and they will strive to finish tasks upon requirement. We share a pleasant time with China Sea Group as of now and we feel we are friends. 』

    ------Ningbo Rongyi Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. / Mrs. Bao, Document Manager